Bare Essence

February 8th- March 5th, 2011

The human figure has been a subject of study and admiration for centuries. In the art world the tenderness of the flesh intrigues not just the artist but the eye of the beholder. Brian Mac Neil let his audience travel through the lines and shadows of the skin and rest in the security of the light’s warmth. The elegance of a woman’s body language is imbedded in Paul Kelly’s sensuous portraits. Even Bing Cheng’s sculptures effectively capture the true beauty of the human body linked to the emotions of dance, music, and love. There is nothing more intimate than relating to the bare essence of the human figure both physically and emotionally. An artist that challenges with ease the ability to portray this translation is Rawan Rihani. She is an artist that completely dives her audience in dreams and passions of human emotion. These are just a few of the artists that Royal Gallery is proud to present for this new and exciting show running from February 8th to March 5th. Come, join us and the artists on Opening Night , Saturday, February 12th,from 5 to 9pm.

Let’s celebrate LOVE and pay homage to the beauty and sensuality of the bare human essence!

Come and join us for the Opening Reception/ Meet the Artists on
Saturday, February 12th from 5-9pm for refreshments, and wonderful artwork.