Contemporary Still Life: More Than Meets the Eye

Contemporary Still Life:
More Than Meets the Eye

April 27th – May 30th, 2010
Opening Reception & A Royal Taste of Art: Thursday, May 6th, 5:30-8pm

An Ancient Greek legend tells of the masterpieces of two artists, created for a contest to determine who was the greatest of their age. Although the first depicted grapes so ripe that birds swooped down from the sky to peck at the canvas, the prize went to the second piece: a painting of drapery executed so skillfully that even the other artist requested he draw it aside to reveal his work. Whether it be birds or men that are taken in, the allure of still life remains in its capacity to invoke curiosity, surprise, and perhaps even admiration for otherwise commonplace items. Royal Gallery is proud to present a collection of pieces that invite you take a closer look and reconsider what you had originally presumed to see.

Gallery Night: Thursday, May 20th, 5:00-9pm

“Still Life with Orchard Orioles” Yana Movchan, Oil on Canvas, 30 X 24

"Magnolia", Mark H Brown, Oil on Canvas, 9 X 13