"INTERPLAY" a Collection by Del-Bourree Bach



Del Bourree-Bach is a great artist whose body of work consists predominantly of beautiful, peaceful New England landscapes. Most of the collectors that view his work gasp at the vividness in his paintings. He has a unique ability of instilling serenity into the viewers. He makes them feel the seashore’s breeze, the ethereal mists, and the magical transparency of the water. The details are as crisp as photographs whether it is at a large scale panting, or a small postcard size.
In Del’s own words: “When I am asked to described my paintings, I find the idea of interplay coming up again and again. Although my essential inspiration has always been the power and beauty of nature, whether it is the majesty of the oceans, the peacefulness of the salt marshes, coastal landscapes, or our vanishing farmlands, I have always found the balance or interplay of man and nature to be an integral part of what makes me want to paint.
I try to put some aspect of this balance in each piece. Maybe it is as simple as a light inside a barn with a shadow of a figure, or an old bucket left in the bow of a well worn fishing boat in transparent, shallow water. In the universe we are both observers and interlopers. I enjoy watching, sketching, and photographing the creatures and scenes I paint, then bringing this inspiration back to my studio to try to capture the essence, trusting my memory to fill in the blanks. When I finish a painting the important interplay is with the viewer. My hope is to invite the public into the visual narrative and let them bring their own experiences and ideas into play and create their own stories.”
After a career as an opera singer and illustrator, Del-Bourree Bach (b.1953), turned to Fine Arts in 1993. He is member of many distinguished Painting associations and has received over 150 awards nationwide. He currently lives in Connecticut with his wife. Come view his exhibition showcasing his newest works at Royal Gallery from September 27th to November 5th with an Opening Reception on September 29th from 5-9pm and an Artist Reception on October 20th from 5-9pm.

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