The paintings on our walls tell stories about fantastic animals living inside a bouquet, copper teapots that hide messages of love, or lanscapes so realistic they make you feel as if you are walking among their trees. Even our sculptures move like silent clocks that tell no time. This show is about bringing great works of art. In the Holiday spirit the collection will include works that range in size, media, subject matter, and price.

We are proud to introduce our special services:

SPECIAL EVENTS HOSTING in a familiar yet elegant setting sorrounded by beautiful artwork.

ART CONSULTATION. Not sure if the piece you like will fit with the decor of your home or office?
Let us help you, from framing options to visiting the space you wish to decorate.

VIP VIEWING. We believe that our collectors should have the opportunity to view as
many pieces as they like from our collection in a private setting.

Royal Gallery shares with you our SECOND online brochure that describes who we are, what we offer, our artists, and the works we represent. Click on the image below to view the full publication, and click on the images to zoom in. Feel free to share this with others. For more information or details please contact us at [email protected] or at 401 831 8831.