Royal Gallery introduces: "SITTING PRETTY" by Sandra Wakeen

Sandra Wakeen,
Oil on Linen on Panel
12"x 12"

We are proud to introduce this new piece by Sandra Wakeen! Part of the current show "In Bloom"
March 13th-May 5th

Sandra Wakeen's always evolving techniques have reached a new level where her natural romantic spirit, that is well shown in her figures, now transcends into the re-visited exploration of Still Lives. "Sitting Pretty" is just an example of this development.
" My love and appreciation for the Pre-Raphealites and the Art Nouveau period was to influence my work. In 2005, I left the commercial art world to turn my efforts to fine art. I began my studies with a month long residency, at Studio Escalier in the quaint village of Argenton France. Tony Ryder and Ted Seth Jacobs brought me back to the excitement of painting from life and joy of travel. In recent years later, I have had the good fortune to meet David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw. It was these two masters that brought out the fine artist in me and consequently had a profound effect on my philosophy of painting and teaching.Those that know me also know of my passion for travel. I believe that travel enhances the ability for one to grow as an artist, especially when seeing the work of the masters and painting in the environment in which they painted.Today, my work appears in three museums at home and abroad, in numerous homes and private collections. As one of the founding members of Wethersfield Academy for the Arts I am excited to be heading up The New England Atelier. I continue to find beauty and joy in painting portraits of people , the challenge of painting the figure, still life and the glorious views of what surround me at home and abroad. My work throughout the years has been varied, sometimes next to impossible to define and most times challenging, but my life as an artist has never been richer."

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