ALBERTA PORTER: Always an Artist

Presents: An Artist Focus
Alberta Porter

Our most recent addition at Royal Gallery:

Alberta Porter does Couture Jewelry pieces and Lucite Internal Sculptures.

How does she do it?

Below see a closer look into “The Owl”: An Award Winning Lucite Sculpture and its process.
"The internal sculpture is executed completely free hand, and is done in a precise and painstaking manner of a bygone era, yet it represents a mastery of modern tools and materials. The artist executes her own designs. There are no fillers or embedment in the piece. In doing the Lucite, drills and artistic talent are her only tools. It's like painting a picture and sculpting at the same time.
“The Owl” Lucite sculpture demonstrates several of her techniques that make the final result an example of her mastery in detail and liveliness.
Etching is the superficial technique, like "just scratching the surface" so to speak. An example is the snow falling on the owl. Then there is carving, the technique that removes the Lucite grindings and leaves a translucent look, for example seen on the belly of the owl. Finally there is the internal sculpting, the technique of trapping the Lucite grindings created from the cutting process, and forming a 3 dimensional sculpture inside the piece. This is the most complex, and challenging technique to execute, because the artist is working in reverse, backwards, inside out, upside down.
To give the final touches, edge lighting is provided, illuminating the piece. These different techniques add depth, detail and dimension to the sculpture, bringing it to life.” – Alberta Porter
Her works are a true inspiration to the imagination and the artistic possibilities with unique materials and techniques.

Come and view this special showing of Alberta Porter’s work.
Join us for the CLOSING RECEPTION with Alberta

Thursday, JANUARY 26th from 5-9pm.