Artist Bio - Tatyana Eliseeva

Artist Bio - Tatyana Eliseeva

In her native Saint Petersburg, Russia, Tatyana Eliseeva spent many afternoons in the Hermitage Museum studying the Renaissance Masters. Fascinated by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Giorgione, and Bruegel, she has endeavored to emulate their technique of applying numerous layers of paint to the canvas. This process is time consuming, but the resulting richness of color and depth are very satisfying.

Tatyana received a traditional classical education from the prestigious Leningrad Academy of Art. She built a solid foundation for her art with countless hours drawing nudes and studying human anatomy. In 1991, Tatyana Eliseeva was awarded a Masters Degree in Art from the Russian Academy. With her formal education behind her, Tatyana traveled through Europe, where she explored the many art treasures of Florence, Rome, and Paris.

Tatyana Eliseeva’s paintings, with the elegance of long supple hands and the rhythmic grace of her figures blending with peculiar landscapes and delightful nature, are rather romantic, even poetic. She paints truthfully without harshness or confrontation, with an inclination to discover in her art the peaceful qualities of her own nature. The women are painted with a sentiment of distant melancholy, undisturbed by any moral ambition.

“I realize there is a process of creation going on in my soul. As I paint, I gain more understanding of that dynamic process. Each canvas becomes the materialization of the relationship between me and the outside world. My paintings are in effect love pictures, songs of praise for the innocence of youth, the glory of women, and the mystery of nature.”
- Tatyana Eliseeva

Her paintings provide a nostalgic glimpse of the Renaissance, with its sumptuous costumes and colorful pageantry. Tatyana is fascinated by the ambivalent character of the jester, and likes to use masks to evoke philosophical expression.

The lovely use of wildflowers and leaves interwoven with golden hair frame the classically beautiful faces. There is a beauty that is sweetened by an inner dream in the subject’s eye, attracting you more and more, and leaving you haunted by their charm.