"World Journey"

By H.M. Saffer II
"After his recent travels H.M. Saffer II has widened his focus toward foreign lands. His works have captured new glimmers of reflected light to compose wholesome experiences; from the richness of the Italian countryside to misty forests of northern USA, from the joy of reflective summer waters in France to the impressionistic outlines of a roman cupola. He has an amazing ability of transporting the audience into the atmospheric mood of his landscapes. “Bold, fiery, intense, vivid, and passionate” are just a few words that best describe his artwork.
In H.M. Saffer’s words: “Inner harmony is the reflection of our harmony with nature. Most people on our planet seem to have lost their ability to appreciate nature. I would like to think that my art is a bridge to bring the beauty and awe of nature to the viewer, and to share my feelings of harmony with the universe”.
Come and view this show, a real testament to the harmony of nature.
September 4th-October 13th
Opening Reception: September 20th 5-9pm.